In this course, Steve Epner shows you how to distinguish yourself to your customers as the easiest supplier with whom to do business. 

Being easy to work with isn't just a meaningless platitude, it's important to the success of your business.  It will give you the edge in your market, and it can be the reason people buy from you rather than your competitors.

The Three Ways to be the Easiest to Deal With that are discussed are:

1. Keep your promises

2. Work in a "No Surprise" environment

3. Accommodate the customer 

Your customers remember when you let them down.  If you don't follow through on something you've promised, whether it is providing information, a reference, meeting a deadline, or delivering an accurate order, you're deemed as unreliable. 

Do you enjoy doing business with unreliable vendors or suppliers or is that just more trouble than it is worth in your busy day?  Your customers feel the same.

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About the Instructor

Steve Epner

Steve Epner is the Managing Member of The Startup WithIN LLC, which focuses on helping companies to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. The Startup WithIN believes that through ideation, innovation, validation, and acceleration, any company can find new ways to respond to old questions.  Steve is a member of the Graduate School of Business Faculty at Saint Louis University. He teaches Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In 2011, Steve attended the Babson College Entrepreneurship Program with educators from 14 countries.Steve was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation in 2000 from the National Speakers Association. He is past Chairman of the Gateway Venture Mentoring Service and is the founder and manager of the St Louis Innovation Roundtable. In May of 2007, Steve received a Master's of Science degree from the Purdue University School of Technology.

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