Digital Marketing Essentials for Distributors

Digital Marketing Essentials for Distributors

Learn What You Need to Know in Order to Compete Effectively in Today's World of Innovation and Advanced Technology

Welcome to Digital Marketing Essentials for Distributors!

This program is taken from a recorded presentation at the Advanced Profit Innovation Conference for Distributors in 2015. The videos are a bit grainy, and for that, we apologize; we are certain you will find the program valuable nonetheless. We've superimposed the accompanying slideshow to assist with the clarity of the video.

The goal of the original presentation, as well as this course, is to give distributors a first-hand preview into the world of digital marketing.

The entire presentation comprises a light combination of

  1. What you should be doing,

  2. Ways you can be doing it, and

  3. What works and what doesn't.

The program has been broken up into bite-sized, digestible pieces. You may cover the entire course in one sitting of just over 30 minutes, or you can pick out the modules that you'd like to focus on first.

Each Module is comprised of a brief introduction, a short video, and a downloadable Summary.

Remember, this course is simply a view into the world of digital marketing so that you know how to get started and measure your company's progress. If you'd like in-depth education on any of this topics, contact Susan at

Susan Merlo
Susan Merlo
Marketing Consultant

About the Instructor

Susan Merlo is a naturally passionate Marketing Consultant who is an internationally recognized marketing strategist, trainer, speaker and best-selling author. 

With a particular focus on the distribution industry, Susan and her team specialize in all areas of promotional marketing and internet media marketing, including: 

- Lead Generation and Follow up Marketing

- Marketing Automation and Sales Funnel Construction

- Multi-channel Marketing

- Content Marketing

- Web Video Marketing

- Social Media Marketing

- Search Engine Optimization

- E-commerce

- and more!

To contact Susan
or call (203) 312-9707

In order to stay competitive in today's world, it's important that you understand how to use marketing to improve your sales. Technology today makes it affordable and easy. In just over 30 minutes, this free program will give you the information you need to understand how to move forward.

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